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UnitedHealthcare Announces Changes to GA-23111
At recent meetings with the Railway Labor Organizations constituting the Policyholder under GA-23111, including the BMWE, a detailed study of the premiums and benefit payments under the various plans was made. It was agreed that the following payment rate changes would be made for coverage effective June 1, 2001:

Plan A - The monthly payment rate for Plan A will remain at $6 for employee coverage and $7 for dependent coverage.

Plan B - The monthly payment rate for Plan B will remain at $16.

Plan C - Due to the rise in the cost of medical treatment caused by inflation plus the additional utilization of medical care services, changes in the monthly payment rates for coverage effective June 1, 2001 will be as follows:

Plan C for employees or dependents increases from $285 to $295.

Plan C for each student child remains at $50.

Plan C for each incapacitated child increases from $130 to $140.

Plan D - The amounts paid under Plan D for prescription drugs represent about 50% of all costs under Plan D. Prescription drug costs and their use continue to increase at a rate of about 20% each year with a similar trend expected for the next year. Due to the continuing increase in these costs (including the cost for medical services covered under Plan D), the monthly payment rate for coverage will increase from $190 to $225.

Individuals participating in Plan D cannot change their coverage to Plan F until the next open enrollment period in December 2002.

Plan E - The monthly payment rate for Plan E will increase from $103 to $120. This increase is due to recent increases in overall claim activity under this plan.

Plan F - Plan F has benefits identical to Plan D except that it does not cover prescription drugs. The monthly payment rate for Plan F will increase from $102 to $110.

Complete details of GA-23111 eligibility and benefit provisions are contained in the GA-23111 benefits booklet, which can be obtained by calling UnitedHealthcare at 1-800-809-0453.

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