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Railroad Retirement Information from United Healthcare
The following information has been provided by United Healthcare to help answer common questions posed by potential retirees. After reviewing the following, members who still have questions can contact United Healthcare directly at 800-842-5252. Recent changes to the Railroad Retirement Act will allow employees who are 60 years old with 30 or more years of service to retire at age 60 with no reduction in their Railroad Retirement Board annuity. An important consideration for anyone thinking about retirement is health coverage after you retire. Along with the changes in the Railroad Retirement Act, the labor organizations representing railroad employees have negotiated a change in the eligibility rules under the Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Benefit Plan (GA-46000), administered by United Healthcare. Prior to January 1, 2002, GA-46000 required an employee to retire on or after reaching age 61. After this date, you can retire at age 60 and will be eligible for coverage under this plan if you meet the following eligibility requirements: For age annuitants:

You apply for a 60/30 annuity for which you are eligible:

on or after the date you reach age 60; or

anytime during the three months before your 60th birthday, provided you continue working into the month before the month in which you turn age 60;

on the day before you apply for your annuity, you must be covered (other than COBRA) under the Federal Employees National Health and Welfare Plan. For disability annuitants:

You have a current connection with the railroad industry;

You have applied for a disability annuity to which you are entitled;

You are covered under the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan (other than by COBRA) on the day before the latest of the following dates:

The date you reach 60;

The date you became disabled;

The date your railroad service equals 30 years.

In addition to the changes in eligibility rules, the lifetime maximum under GA-46000 will be adjusted each year by the medical cost component of the Consumer Price Index. The Lifetime Maximum for 2002 will be $79,000. If you retire and are eligible for GA-46000, you can also purchase supplemental coverage under GA-23111, Plan E. Generally, Plan E pays 70% of the expenses not paid under GA-46000 and has a lifetime maximum of $200,000. When you retire, your railroad will not report you to United Healthcare as a retiree eligible for GA-46000. You must enroll yourself and your family with United Healthcare. You can do this in two ways: 1) You can purchase GA-23111, Plan E. Your eligibility for GA-46000 will be verified when your enrollment for that coverage is processed. ID cards for both GA-46000 and GA-23111 will be sent to you. A booklet explaining the Plan E benefits and an enrollment form can be obtained by calling United Healthcare.

2) You can complete and return the "Retiree and Dependent Information" form found in the center of the GA-46000 employee booklet. Your eligibility will be verified and a GA-46000 ID card will be sent to you. You can obtain a GA-46000 booklet from your employer or union representative.

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