The BMWED-IBT Stands In Solidarity with Striking GM Workers

Published: Sep 16 2019 6:52PM

United Auto Workers are on strike at 33 General Motors manufacturing plants in nine states, as well as 22 parts distribution warehouses. In total, more than 49,000 UAW members have brought work on the assembly lines to a standstill.

The reason for the Union walkout? As always – corporate greed.

In 2018, GM made $8.1 billion in after-tax profit. In 2017, it was $348 million; 2016 $9.43 billion; 2015 $9.69 billion. And that is after the government bailout. They’re not exactly hurting.

Yet, the company doesn’t want to guarantee its workers a larger slice of the pie. The Union wants annual guaranteed pay raises; GM wants to pay lump sums to employees based on company earnings. The company also wants the workers to pay more in – you guessed it – health insurance premiums. GM has said they want to get their benefit levels more “in line with the mainstream.”

It’s yet another example of the same, tired song-and-dance that Corporate America is sadly famous for. In an economic climate that favors them, with an administration lowering corporate tax responsibilities to incredibly low levels, General Motors can’t seem to trickle down any of the profits to the men and women that do all of the hardest work.

The entirety of BMWED-IBT stands with and salutes the striking UAW workers nationwide. You are our Brothers and Sisters and we support your strike, which when successful will benefit ALL American workers. Stand strong and stand proud.