Brotherhood Members Making America Proud During COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: Mar 24 2020 3:44PM

Our country has come to a massive halt, but BMWED members nationwide remain at work, keeping a hobbled economy standing. Everyone who has ever driven a spike knows that railroaders are among the strongest, benevolent, kind, driven and committed people you’d ever know. And now, thanks to a global emergency, that sentiment is crystal clear to everyone.

Most of us are still working, and that is good because a lot of industries aren’t, and unemployment stress amid a health emergency is a heavy burden. We are reassured that most states have adopted stringent stay-in-place policies that help contain the spread of COVID-19 and make the environment for essential workers who cannot cease working a safer one. We trust these measures will help, we are thankful for those who are abiding by them, and we hope they stay in effect for a sufficient time to cripple the virus.

Your BMWED System Division/Federation office is the optimal place to direct questions and seek information during this National Emergency. Every railroad is different, and information varies. To get the most accurate info, it is best to call your General Chairperson or Vice General Chairperson. If your railroad is not following CDC guidelines, such as providing proper sanitation efforts, appropriate distancing during job briefings, etc., contact your Vice or General Chairman immediately. A list of phone numbers for each BMWED System/Federation can be found here:

There’s no one working on the railroad today who has ever experienced something quite like this pandemic. It is challenging, it is stressful, it is complicated. Our role as railroaders is vital to the nation’s well-being. Stores are not stocked, hospitals are not fully-equipped, without your work. Your skills are important and your commitment to your work is commendable. The BMWED, and the entire nation, is thankful for your dedication.