American Rail System Federation Formed to Comprise All Norfolk Southern BMWED Members

Published: Mar 3 2022 2:38PM

Brother Johnny Long elected General Chairperson

BMWED-IBT members on Norfolk Southern Railway officially united today as the American Rail System Federation, electing former Alliance Federation First Vice Chairman Johnny Long its first General Chairperson.

Brother Long will lead nearly 3,000 BMWED Norfolk Southern members from 68 lodges in a unified representation on the Norfolk, Va.-based freight carrier. The ARSF will be the largest freight federation comprised of members from one rail employer. It will afford all N.S. BMWED members solidarity in enforcing the contract and the ability to singularly focus their strategy to thwart N.S. management schemes.

ARSF Convention Proceedings

“I am honored to be selected to serve the hard-working members of our Brotherhood on N.S.,” Brother Long said. “I will do everything I can to promote, protect and advance our cause on the job. I know I am surrounded and supported with the finest Brothers and Sisters of the newly-formed ARSF and together we will achieve great things.”
The ARSF officers elected to four-year terms today are:

Johnny Long, General Chairperson.

Dale Bogart, Vice Chairperson (Region 1).
Corey Hayes, Vice Chairperson (Region 1).
Patrick Barnes, Vice Chairperson (Region 1).

Dustin Heiser, Vice Chairperson (Region 2).
Justin Blankenship, Vice Chairperson (Region 2).

David Beal, Vice Chairperson (Region 3).
Sheldon Swain, Vice Chairperson (Region 3).
Heath Vezza, Vice Chairperson (Region 3).
Mike Ragard, Vice Chairperson (Region 3).

Trapper Cory, Executive Committee (Region 1).
Ricky Coleman, Executive Committee (Region 1).
Tony Ingram, Executive Committee (Region 1).

Tim Southerland, Executive Committee (Region 2). 
Ken Akers, Executive Committee (Region 2).
James Manspile, Executive Committee (Region 2).

Milo Hildebrandt, Executive Committee (Region 3).
Andrew Bates, Executive Committee (Region 3).
Nick Baker, Executive Committee (Region 3).