Agreement Reached to Postpone Single Railroad System Conventions: Membership to Decide by Mail-in Ballot

Published: Oct 8 2021 3:03PM

The lawsuit brought by twelve of the fourteen system federations to stop BMWED National Division President Simpson from exercising his authority under the Bylaws to form a single joint protective board for each of the class 1 freight railroad employers and Amtrak has been settled.  

Up until now, many officers and members have maintained that the formation of single joint protective board for each Class I railroad employer and Amtrak was the right thing to do, but that the timing was wrong.  However, after a day in court, the parties have agreed to postpone the founding conventions and proceed with balloting the members to seek their direct input on establishing one system with one set of bylaws, one set of officers and one dues structure for each railroad or leave the current system in place of different dues, different bylaws, and multiple General Chairpersons on each railroad employer in place.  

Ballots to each of the individual properties will be mailed out in early December 2021 and counted on January 31, 2022.  If the members approve of the restructuring of their representation on their railroad the founding conventions will be held in February and March 2022.  Current delegates elected for the postponed conventions will be seated at the new founding conventions following membership approval.  Local Lodges who have not yet elected a delegate are required to continue holding the elections for Delegates in anticipation of membership approval of the formation of a united membership under one joint protective board on each railroad and Amtrak.