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Awards Search

The Railway Labor Act (RLA) was amended in 1934 to establish the National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB) to provide for mandatory binding arbitration of disputes (claims) arising out of the interpretation or application of agreements and to make those awards enforceable in court. The Third Division of the NRAB has jurisdiction over Maintenance of Way disputes. Later amendments to the RLA provided for Special Boards of Adjustment (SBA's) and Public Law Boards (PLB's) that have essentially the same jurisdiction as the NRAB.

When one of these Boards decides a claim, it issues an Award to memorialize its decision and, if our claim is sustained, to order the carrier to comply with the award.

This page is provided to allow users to search for awards of interest from the NRAB Second and Third Divisions as well as awards involving BMWED from SBA’s, PLB’s and certain other arbitration boards in the railway industry.

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