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Tentative Agreement with New Jersey Transit Reached

Published: Mar 12 2016 10:18AM

The Commuter Railroad System Division (CRSD) of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division reached a tentative agreement as part of the bargaining coalition with New Jersey Transit Rail Operations in the early evening of March 11, 2016 in Newark, New Jersey.

The Coalition consisted of every railroad Union on the property, signifying a historic event. The Labor coalition engaged in intense bargaining and showed a tremendous amount of solidarity as it saw itself present its arguments before Presidential Emergency Boards 248 and 249. The final cooling off period before a strike looming just hours before the agreement was reached for the 4,200 Unionized employees on new Jersey Transit.

The BMWED was represented in the coalition by CRSD General Chairman Mick Barrett and BMWED Northeast Region Vice President Sean Gerie.

Brother Barrett had this to offer, "We are very proud of the work that we did here obtaining this agreement. The members stood with us and they got a contract that they deserved. We are going to put it in their hands now through the ratification process. We thank them for their patience and fortitude though this long hard process." "We also acknowledge the support we received form President Simpson and the National Division and all of the words of encouragement from our BMWED Brothers and Sisters Nationwide.” Brother Gerie had this to say, "This is the perfect example of trade Unionism. The members stood behind their Unions and the Unions fought like hell for the members. The Governor sorely underestimated us and thought he could just bully his way through this. We proved him wrong."

Details of the agreement will be released after the membership has had a chance to review the terms.