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President and staff are responsible for the coordination and supervision of day-to-day operations of the President's Department at the National Division Headquarters.


The Executive Assistant to the President is responsible for the conduct and operation of all administrative business, as well as supervision of the secretarial and support staff within the President’s Department.


Kevin E. Evanski – Executive Assistant to the President


This position assists the Executive Assistant to the President as well as offering support to the Secretary-Treasurer’s Department. Responsibilities encompasses system bylaws, legal files, library publications, invoices, FELA, membership records requests, ballots, correspondence, scanning and record keeping as well as Notary Public for National Division.  In addition, supports the Secretary-Treasurer’s Department by remitting withholding tax payments and reports.


Amanda Carey – President Dept. Supervisor


The Administrative Staff Specialist provides administrative support to the President, Executive Assistant to President and National Division Officers. Manages administration of health and welfare plans such as health, dental, vision, supplemental sickness, disability, COBRA, and life insurance. Full cycle accounting of business insurances, such as general liability, commercial property, business income and workers' compensation. Processes correspondence from the President and various other HR functions.


Victoria Thurlow – Administrative Staff Specialist




Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Arbitration Department is administered by the Assistant to the President. He and his staff review and prepare submissions for each individual claim which is referred to them for proper progression through the required levels of appeal. The duties of the BMWED NRAB Member include attending Third Division hearings, third party hearings, panel discussions, and other meetings called by the Chairman of the Third Division. In addition, this department, when assigned, reviews, prepares and presents submissions for special boards of adjustment, public law boards, or any other body where the BMWED is required to represent the membership.


Zachary C. Voegel, Director of Arbitration/NRAB Member

David M. Pascarella, Assistant Director – Arbitration

Ross A. Glorioso, Assistant Director, NRAB Member


John P. Schlishmann, Public Law Board Advocate

Casey Summers, Public Law Board Advocate

Adam N. Gilmour, Public Law Board Advocate


Perry A. Rapier, Arbitration Advocate

Grant James, Arbitration Advocate

Kevin Y. Adams, Arbitration Advocate

Perry A. Rapier, Arbitration Advocate

Mitch J. McCarthy, Arbitration Advocate


Tina M. Lechuga, Senior Office Coordinator




The Director's primary responsibility is the production of the BMWED's official trade publication, the BMWED JOURNAL, including reporting, writing, editing and layout. Other responsibilities include the production and distribution of news releases and other public relations communications; developing contacts and maintaining relationships with the media; as well as oversight, maintenance and development of the BMWED Web Site and Social Media presence.


Clark Ballew, Director of Communications

Daniel R. Inclima, Staff Specialist – Communications




The Director of Safety is responsible for the gathering and compiling of safety statistics and data to be used when working with committees, negotiations, and preparing for testimony and presentations at hearings, inquisitions and before policy and law making bodies, including the Rail Safety Advisory Committee, FRA, OSHA, NTSB, and Congress. The purpose of the Department is to improve the health and safety conditions of BMWED members through a combination of regulatory oversight, federal rulemaking, and safety and health education and training.


Roy L. Morrison, Directory of Safety




The Director of Government Affairs, working closely with the Director of Strategic Coordination and Research, is responsible for lobbying activities related to federal legislation affecting our members and relations with various federal agencies in connection with matters of interest to the BMWED. This person also directs the State Legislative Directors' activities and is responsible for the administration of the BMWED's Legislative Department.


Jeffery R. Joines, Director of Government Affairs

Sonia Pettaway, Office Coordinator and Legislative Assistant




The Director of Organizing works closely with the local lodges, system divisions and federations and all the various committees and bodies of the BMWED. The Director is responsible for organizing new members, mobilizing the membership on subjects decided by the President and training local lodge, system division and federation officers on organizing, strike preparation and other duties assigned by the President.


Thomas G. Kirby, Director of Organizing 




The Director of Education duties include the development and implementation of educational programs designed to meet the needs of the BMWED from the local lodges to the National Division level. The purpose of this department is to assist our officers and membership by improving their ability to interact: within the union; between union and management; between the union and the public and between the union and local, state and federal government agencies. 


Ash Anderson, Director of Education


Strategic Coordination & Research


The Director is responsible for coordinating national bargaining, assisting in the development of a strategic plan for the BMWED, assisting the various systems and federations in the coordination of strategic planning for collective bargaining and working on special projects assigned by the President. The Director's duties also include gathering and compiling statistics to be used in wage negotiations, conferences or hearings before arbitration boards, or other constituted bodies when instructed to do so by the President; assists in the administration and application of agreements at the national and system levels; as well as providing the National Division President and Vice Presidents with assistance on various matters of importance to the BMWED.


Zachary J. Wood, Director of Strategic Coordination & Research 






The Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer is responsible for the coordination and supervision of staff in the day-to-day operations of the Secretary Treasurer Department at the National Division Headquarters. In addition, the Executive Assistant coordinates with the President's Department, maintains financial records, administers the FLEX / DCAP plans, 401K / 457 plans and pension plan, and assists in all National Division audits as well as various other duties as assigned.


Angela K. Carr, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer


The controller is responsible for reviewing accounts and transactions to insure accuracy of the general ledger, and maintains personnel records for active National Division, System Division/Federation Officers and employees as well as Notary Public for National Division.


Susan K. Sova, Staff Specialist – Controller


Information Services


The IT department has three major areas of concern, which include governance of the company’s technological systems, maintenance of infrastructure and functionality of the systems overall. This includes and is not limited to our networks, application development, user support, purchasing, licensing, server management, file retention, phone systems, etc. We interface with people from all levels of the organization to continually improve operations and better serve the Membership.


Christopher D. Leidy, Director of Information Systems

Daniel Yack, Assistant Director of Information Systems


Financial & Membership Services


This department, supervised by the Staff Specialist, adjusts membership records, handles the various check-offs, lodge and system dues receipts, death benefit standing and claims, merit awards and all correspondence relating to membership records. In addition, this department is responsible for accounts receivable of dues and assessment money and prepares funds for deposit with the Brotherhood bank. Additionally, this department maintains a complete record of all payrolls and expense disbursements for National Division, System Divisions / Federations and various subordinate lodges for which National Division processes payroll. In addition to the weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll, this department ensures compliance with taxing authority requirements and accounts payable record keeping, as well as internal reporting of financial data.


Wayne A. Lupo, Staff Specialist – Financial and Membership Services


Kimberly Bingham – Payroll Supervisor

Stamatios Vlahos – Membership Supervisor

Laura Carey – Payroll Clerk


Government Reporting Services


The Reporting Services Department is responsible for the review and maintenance of all Lodge audit reports, ES-1’s, new charters, elections, monthly payroll, security safekeeping as well as correspondence and assistance for all Lodge and System Officers for financial and reporting questions. As part of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, the department ensures compliance by completing and maintaining the LM’s, 990’s, federal tax liability for payroll, credible service month reports, securities, IRS group exemption, bonding, assets and financial projections for all Systems and Local Lodges required by the Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and Railroad Retirement Board. In addition, this department is also responsible for strike benefits, city tax forms, physical inventory for National Division, Mokena and Washington D.C. and oversees the BMWED directory.


Susan Hunt, Senior Staff Assistant – Government Reporting Services

Ann Whitely – Audit Clerk


Field Auditors


To complement the services provided by the Reporting Services Department because of the U.S. Department of Labor and our bonding company requirements, the field auditors conduct an official audit of each lodge a minimum of every two (2) years and train/assist the lodge secretary-treasurers in the filing of reports required by federal law. In addition, they assist the reporting services department with tasks when instructed by the Secretary-Treasurer or the Senior Staff Assistant.


Eric Rose, Staff Assistant – Field Auditor

Joseph Corley, Staff Assistant – Field Auditor


BMWED Mailroom


This department processes all incoming and outgoing mail, orders all office supplies, curates all analog and digital records, searches and distributes retained records upon request, manages logistics for the IT Department and various other tasks as assigned.


Jennifer Sibilsky – Supervisor – Mail & Order Dept.