John Edgar Thomson Foundation

Financial Assistance for Families of Deceased Railway Employees

The John Edgar Thomson Foundation, established in 1882 and endowed by the will of Mr. Thomson, third President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, offers limited financial assistance to daughters of a deceased parent.  The parent, regardless of gender, must have been in the active employ of a railroad in the United States at the time of death.  The cause of death need not be work-related and the parent, while on the active role of the railroad, may have been receiving disability or sick leave benefits.  Whatever grant is awarded usually serves to benefit all members of the family.  Eligibility is dependent upon the daughter and surviving parent remaining unmarried.

The monthly allowance made under the grant may cover the period from infancy to age 18, under certain circumstances to age 24, to assist grantees who are pursuing higher educational goals.  The Foundation also offers special health care benefits.

The funding for the work of the Foundation is completely independent of any railroad.  It neither solicits nor receives funds from the public.  Further information and applications may be obtained by writing to:

Linda Dezenski, Director
The John Edgar Thomson Foundation
201 S. Eighteenth Street, Suite 318
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 545-6083
(800) 888-1278
Fax  (215) 545-5102
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