Job Opening: Temporary Internal Organizer (Passenger Rail)

Published: Feb 8 2019 2:13PM

Vacancy: Temporary Internal Organizer – Passenger Rail

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division - IBT

The BMWED is seeking a full-time Internal Organizer for passenger rail properties. The position is expected to be temporary and is anticipated to exist for approximately six (6) months although the duration of the assignment is subject to change.  This position reports to the Internal Organizing Coordinator and is responsible for a variety of aspects of the Communication Action Team’s (CAT) work.   This Internal Organizer will be selected from a passenger railroad, and will regularly coordinate with  BMWED officers to visit BMWED members at their worksites; recruiting, training, and mentoring Front Line Communicators; and assisting in the development of  an enhanced communication network of rank and file members and BMWED representatives.  


• Internally organize and mobilize BMWED members.
• Work in a team setting with other Internal Organizers, Leads, the Internal Organizing Coordinator, and BMWED officers.
• Set-up FLC workshops/trainings and participate as a trainer.
• Identify potential FLCs, then recruit, train, develop, mentor and inspire FLCs through one-on-one and group communication.  
• Communicate with BMWED members at worksite visits, lodge meetings, and other opportunities for interaction with members.  
• Assist the BMWED Officers in developing plans of action to better serve BMWED rank and file members.
• Perform administrative tasks necessary for internal organizing (such as maintaining databases, producing materials, and correspondence). 
• Occasionally may be assigned to other parts of the country for short durations, as required.
• Take direction from Lead Internal Organizer or Internal Organizing Coordinator on daily and weekly activities to grow the CAT and accomplish IO Team goals.
• Help to organize and run actions such as sticker days, petition drives, picket lines, marches.
• Work to  advance the working lives of the BMWED-IBT membership as required, involving precinct walks, phone banks, and worksite visits.


• Strong commitment to the BMWED and the well-being of its membership.
• Familiarity of BMWED work assignments in passenger rail environment is a plus. 
• Willing to work long and irregular hours, including weekends.
• Willing to travel extensively and be temporarily assigned to other parts of the country as required.
• Dedicated to social and economic justice.
• Ability to work with a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-regional membership.
• Ability to work in a team setting.
• Ability to work independently to achieve goals.
• Experience in community, student, labor, or environmental activism is a plus.
• Union organizing and/or CAT experience a plus.
• Ability to inspire and motivate BMWED members.
• Computer literacy is required.  Social media organizing competency is a plus.
• Ability to speak Spanish a plus.


The Internal Organizer position receives a salary commensurate with the duties and responsibilities outlined above, in addition to a competitive benefits package in keeping with the National Division standard.

For more information please contact Internal Organizing Coordinator Carey Dall at

The BMWED is presently accepting applicants for this position. If you are energetic, confident, motivated and well-organized, we would like to hear from you immediately. The BMWED is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter describing your educational background, work experience, computer skills, involvement in the Union, and a few words on why you want to work towards the betterment of your fellow Brothers and Sisters. Applications must be recieved by March 10, 2019.

Please send Resume and Cover Letter to:

Attn: Freddie N. Simpson,
41475 Gardenbrook Road
Novi, MI 48375

*Note: please choose USPS or UPS*