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Join DRIVE today!

Now more than ever, working families have to stand up and fight for a place at the table when our government makes decisions. It’s our duty to be informed and vote, but let’s be honest; in this day and age politics take more than voting our beliefs, it takes money to help candidates who support working families.

Why should you join the fight? Because you live in a political world. Who gets elected affects you every minute of the day. The people we elect levy the taxes; regulate workplace safety and health; and make the laws you have to live by. Gains that the Teamsters win through collective bargaining can be easily taken away in the legislative process. It happens every day.

If you ever doubt the impact of political decisions on the lives of railroad workers and their families, here are four important reasons why you should think again and why DRIVE is so important.
  • The Railway Labor Act
  • The Railroad Retirement System
  • The Railway Unemployment System Insurance Act
  • The Federal Employers’ Liability Act

DRIVE is the BMWED-IBT Union shield against anti-worker forces. DRIVE helps elect the right people to office. We must support candidates who understand the needs of working families. Your DRIVE contributions support a wide range of political activities including:

  • Keeping members, retirees, and their families informed on the key issues that affect our future with voter guides that show the records of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.
  • Building support on issues of concern to working families with rallies, news conferences, advertisements, and phone banks.
  • Registering BMWED Teamsters to vote and financially supporting political candidates who support works.

For as little and five dollars a month you can join with BMWED-IBT brothers and sisters to provide a collective voice for working families everywhere


How to sign up for DRIVE

1. Fill out the DRIVE form with your information in the blank spaces provided.

2. Indicate the amount of money you would like to contribute to DRIVE per month (this gets divided if you are paid bi-weekly.  For example, if you voluntarily contribute $20/month, then your bi-weekly deduction will be $10.00.)

3. If you already contribute to DRIVE and would like to change your monthly contribution amount, please show what you would like your total monthly contribution to be by writing total next to the figure. 

4. Send in the completed DRIVE form either by using the Business Reply Mail on the back of the form provided or by sending the completed form(s) to the BMWED Legislative Office at:

25 Louisiana Ave, NW – 7th floor
Washington, DC 20001

5. A copy of the form will be retained at the BMWED Legislative Office and sent to the appropriate carrier for processing.