BMWED Takes Spoiled Food Concerns to Norfolk Southern Corporate Headquarters

Published: Jan 7 2020 10:42AM

This morning, Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way leaders and staff flyered the corporate offices of Norfolk Southern in both Atlanta, Ga. and Norfolk, Va. The issue is the rotten, inedible food the railroad has served its BMWED members on its Designated Production Gangs.


As the photos demonstrate, the food provided to MOW employees on the DPGs is entirely unacceptable. For months, we have attempted to rectify this unnecessary problem, only to see it temporarily fixed and then eventually reappear. 

Today we spoke to Norfolk Southern CEO James Squires and other NS company officials on the steps of corporate headquarters. We obtained his assurances that the quality of the food will be permanently addressed and rectified. We will hold him to his word.

Norfolk Southern is a massively profitable railroad. Mr. Squires himself made $11.3 million in 2018. The disrespect shown BMWED members through the serving of moldy, expired food is obtuse. It must stop immediately. If not, we will be back outside his lavish office.