Did You Miss the RRB Beneficiary or Child Stimulus Benefit?

Published: Jun 15 2020 9:21AM

From the office of Jennifer Burdick, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia.

"Community Legal Services is hoping to hear from Railroad Retirement Beneficiaries, who do not file taxes, and who did not receive the $500 stimulus benefit for their children.  

The IRS created something called a non-filers portal and asked RRB's to register their dependents online by April 22, 2020, with less than 48 hours notice.  We think a lot of people missed out child stimulus benefits because of this process.  We would love to hear from people who had trouble with any part of the this process: not registering on the portal by April 22, 2020 because you did not know about the deadline, could not successfully file for some reason, or filed but have not received the $500.  I can be reached at jburdick@clsphila.org  or (215) 981-3721."