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BMWED Secretary-Treasurer Instructional Videos

Published: Oct 20 2020 11:07AM

Welcome to the BMWED’s Local Lodge Secretary-Treasurer instructional video library. Whether you are a newly-elected lodge officer or a longstanding Sec-Treas, we hope the videos are helpful and informative and answer any questions you may have in your important role with our Union. As always, BMWED National Division staff – including ND Field Auditors – are available via telephone or email to answer any questions you may have.



Welcome, and congratulations on becoming Secretary Treasurer of your lodge. This module gives a brief introduction on your responsibilities, and the training videos we have provided to assist you in your duties.

1. Bank Statements

This module covers everything you need to know about opening a bank account in the lodge name, and what you will need to provide the bank with when opening the account.

2. Cash Record Book

The cash record book is nothing more than a big checkbook register. This module covers the recommended method of filling one out for your lodge.

3. Quarterly Audit Reports

Here is a step by step explanation on the proper way to fill out your quarterly audit reports, and what is required when you mail them to National Division.

4. National Division Field Audit

Approximately every 2 years, National Division conducts field audits on lodges. This module covers what to expect, and what to send when your lodge comes due for an audit. 

5. Lodge Meeting

How to hold a proper meeting according to the BMWED ritual and bylaws is covered in this module.

6. Use of Local Lodge Funds

This module covers what is allowed and required when spending lodge funds, along with an explanation on what to do, when you have lodge approval.

7. BMWED Website

The BMWED website is loaded with tools and resources to help you with your duties as Secretary Treasurer. This module gives you insight on several key functions the website provides.