BMWED/SMART-MD Requests Mediation Following Latest National Bargaining Meeting with NCCC

Published: Jun 17 2021 10:28AM

The BMWED and SMART-MD bargaining coalition has filed for mediation at the National Mediation Board (NMB) following the latest National Negotiation meeting with the National Carriers Conference Committee.

Despite a comprehensive proposal delivered June 4, the NCCC insisted it would continue to negotiate just one item at a time. This is concerning, problematic and inefficient. Both sides should be sharing comprehensive proposals intended for meaningful engagement and discussion. The Unions are, but the NCCC is not.

Contained in our proposal is a six percent annual general wage increase, beginning retroactively in 2020 and continuing until 2024. Also included is a request for no changes to the current health and welfare benefits. In addition to many common requests, including improvements to various categories of paid time off, the BMWED is also asking the carriers to ensure that any new track technology introduced remains the work of BMWED-represented employees. To accomplish this, we ask that BMWED members be trained on the new technology and given exclusive right to perform the new technology once sufficiently trained.

Negotiating one item at a time is untenable so the BMWED/SMART-MD coalition is requesting federal mediation. Dates have not been set for mediation, but the Union solicited that the scheduled bargaining dates with the NCCC in July become dates for mediation dates with the NMB.

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BMWED Union’s Proposal for Comprehensive Settlement 

SMART Mechanical Proposal for Comprehensive Settlement