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Rail Union Workers Rally in Lincoln, NE for a Fair Contract

Published: Jul 11 2022 3:19PM

As you’ve likely seen or heard by now, yesterday’s Rally for Rail Labor in downtown Lincoln, Neb. was a great success, drawing over 100 members, their families, and other Union supporters and affording us an opportunity to reach the public with our demands that the railroad carriers agree to a fair and equitable contract this round.

The press was in attendance. Politicians from both sides of the aisle. Members from an assortment of Rail and other Labor Unions. Spouses and children. Supporters who just want to see working men and women get a fair shake for the hard work they put in. It was a tremendous day in Nebraska’s capital city.

Our message is true. We’re not being greedy. We’re asking to be treated and compensated fairly. We’re demanding that the railroads afford us respect. Morale is low, workers are leaving the industry in record numbers, yet the suits in company headquarters can’t get off Wall Street’s Kool-Aid long enough to make anything remotely close to a fair offer this bargaining round. But, people see this. The public sees it. Many politicians see it. Sentiment is on our side.

So, to those who joined us yesterday in Lincoln, thank you. To those planning similar events of your own, keep up the momentum! We are on the right side, and we will win if we stay united!

Special thanks to Brother Ash Anderson in the BMWED Burlington System Division office for spearheading the rally yesterday. He did the heavy lifting. All those who came out and made the rally a success. Greg Regan, President of the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO (of which the BMWED is a part), Sue Martin, President of the Nebraska AFL-CIO, Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE2), State Sen. Carol Blood (D-3) and Democratic Candidate for Nebraska Governor, and many, many more – thank you for standing with us.