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Twenty-six years of data shows a 4th Quarter spike in fatal roadway worker incidents.



A comparison of roadway worker fatality data over a span of 26 years (1997–2022) indicates that the highest number of roadway worker incidents occur in the 4th Quarter.


• 96 roadway worker fatalities occurred between 1997-2022


• 36% (35 of 96) of the fatalities occurred in the 4th Quarter.


o 2 of these 35 fatalities occurred in November 2022.


• 48% (17 of 35) of Q4 fatalities occurred in October


FAMES has not determined the reasons for the 4th Quarter spike in roadway worker fatalities, but the pattern is undeniable and alarming.


In recognition of these trends, FAMES takes this opportunity to remind all roadway workers to be hyper-vigilant with regards to the application of on-track safety protection, especially during the 4th Quarter. If you see someone fouling a track without on-track safety protection, say something to them.


If you have concerns regarding the application of on-track safety at the job site, invoke your legally protected right to make a good faith challenge and remain clear of the tracks until the challenge has been resolved.


Dedication: The FAMES Committee dedicates its efforts to all roadway workers who have lost their lives in the performance of duty and to the families, loved ones, and coworkers they have left behind.


Mission Statement: The Mission of the Fatality Analysis of Maintenance-of-way Employees and Signalmen (FAMES) Committee is to analyze all fatalities and selected related incidents to make recommendations to reduce the risk of future occurrences and eliminate fatalities to roadway workers.