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Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad Employees Vote to Join BMWED

Published: Jan 19 2024 11:54AM


Nine MOW workers on the Class III Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad have voted 8-1 to join the BMWED and will be assigned to the Allied Federation.


The newest Brothers, who maintain and repair trackage from Baldwin through Tallahassee into Pensacola along the state’s Panhandle, reached out to BMWED Organizing Director Thomas Kirby in August seeking Union representation.


“I must give these Brothers a ton of respect and admiration,” Brother Kirby said. “This is a small railroad and it can be intimidating to stand up for yourself and push back against the boss, there’s some natural trepidation there, obviously. But these Brothers collectively recognized that they needed to band together and with our Brotherhood’s help and guidance, they are in a much better and stronger position to gain some contractual rewards.”


The next step in that endeavor will occur soon, as preparations to issue Section 6 notices under the Railway Labor Act are expected to begin in the next week or two, Brother Kirby said.


The entirety of the BMWED-IBT welcomes our newest Brothers and we look forward to representing you and fighting to improve your jobs on the FG&A. Solidarity!