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Training and Events Calendar


BMWED Education Department Training Opportunities


This page will change often, as training opportunities are updated. Check back frequently to see upcoming training events, view self-guided learning options, or to register for online webinars.


For further resources to support training you conduct at your Lodge, System Division, Federation, or Department, please contact Ash Anderson at education@bmwe.org or visit our online Education Department Library.


Online Educational Videos

Secretary-Treasurer Instructional Videos

On Our Way - Shortlines: Railway Labor Act (RLA)

On Our Way - Shortlines: Designated Legal Counsel (DLC)

Recording of Zoom webinar, "Being a Lodge Secretary," from Aug. 15, 2023

Recording of Zoom webinar, "Understanding the Railway Labor Act," from May 22, 2024


In-Person Training Events (Joint or Collaborative)


BMWED partners with a variety of organizations to offer training to our members. We link to external organizations and third-party websites as part of offering educational tools and resources for our members. BMWED does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites linked through this Training Opportunities page, or any website or feature linked in any banner or other advertising.


Rail Workers Hazardous Materials Training Program



In-Person Events (Railroad Retirement Board Pre-Retirement Seminars)


Thinking of retiring soon?

The Railroad Retirement Board's Office of the Labor Member offers a series of pre-retirement seminars to help educate those nearing retirement about the benefits available to them, and what they can expect during the application process.

This popular program has become a valuable resource to RRB customers and employees alike. It helps promote a better understanding of our benefit programs among the railroad community, and in turn, improves the effectiveness of our benefit program operations.

The RRB's field service representatives conduct each Pre-Retirement Seminar using a slide presentation covering the various benefits provided retired rail workers and their families. Seminar attendees receive a retirement kit full of informational handouts and other helpful materials. Online and downloadable versions of items included with seminar kits are available on the RRB's Educational Materials webpage.



In-Person Education Department Events

In 2024, BMWED will conduct 4 Learning Labs, hands-on training events that will offer our Lodge Officers a chance to practice and develop the skills they can use to add value and impact to their Local Lodge meetings!

Through guided exercises, group problem solving, simulated tasks, and group presentations, our Lodge Officers will hone their understanding of the tasks they perform for their members at the Lodge level, how to communicate with their members on important topics or campaigns, and how their work impacts all levels of our union.


Training will occur over three days and will be tailored to offer all participants a chance to develop skills for their particular office and "cross-train" on the work their fellow Lodge officers perform, adding resilience and versatility to their Lodge leadership team. Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding and effectively communicating about the Railway Labor Act and BMWED Bargaining.

  • Using Robert's Rules of Order, BMWED Ritual, and parliamentary procedure to make Lodge meetings more effective and meaningful for our members.

  • Setting effective agendas at the Lodge level.

  • Roundtable discussions on tips, techniques, or ideas to improve meeting attendance and participation.

  • Guided exercises on completing necessary Lodge financial reports and records.

  • Understanding and enforcing BMWED Bylaws and other governing documents.

  • Presentations on the Railroad Employees National Health & Welfare Plan (the national agreement healthcare plan) and new benefits or resources available to our members covered under the national healthcare plan.

  • Breakout sessions with System Division and Federation officers for guidance and training on claims handling and agreement issues.

  • Practical exercises on developing the Lodge Strike plan and effective internal organizing work.

  • Guided discussions and presentations on BMWED Safety Department work, Legislative Department work, and other topics.


Our 2024 Learning Labs will take place in each Region of the BMWED, at the following venues and dates:

May 14-16, 2024

Las Vegas, NV

West Region

July 16-18, 2024

Minneapolis, MN

Northwest Region

Sept. 17-19, 2024

Philadelphia, PA

Northeast Region

Oct. 15-17, 2024

Nashville, TN

South Region


This training is intended for our BMWED Local Lodge officers. Interested officers should participate in an Education Department webinar appropriate for their office.

Those members who wish to attend one of this year's Learning Labs should contact both their General Chairperson to apply or enroll, copying Ash Anderson, BMWED Director of Education, at education@bmwe.org. Please put "2024 Learning Lab Enrollment" in the subject line.

At this time, lodging, some meals, and a $500 travel reimbursement will be provided by the BMWED National Division. Your System Division, Federation, or Local Lodge will be responsible for wage reimbursement, some meals, and other incidentals.

There will be a limit of forty (40) seats available for each event, so don't wait until the last minute to let your General Chairperson know you're interested. We'll be glad to see you at one of this year's Learning Labs!


Frequently Asked Questions - Las Vegas Learning Lab (UPDATED APRIL 18, 2024)

Las Vegas Learning Lab Agenda (UPDATED APRIL 16, 2024)


To apply/enroll, email your General Chairperson, copying education@bmwe.org and putting "2024 Learning Lab Enrollment" in the subject line!



Online Events

The BMWED Education Department offers a lot of training as online events, to allow members all over our country to participate right from home! Some events require registration, while others are open-access meetings. Look at the offerings below to learn more about each.






Link to Join or


Action Network

Organizing, Collective Action, and the National Labor Relations Board

BMWED Members interested in organizing and solidarity within the broader labor movement

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024


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NOTE: This event is from an organization outside the BMWED. The Education Department shares this link to external organizations and third-party websites as part of offering educational tools and resources for our members. BMWED does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third parties, or any website or feature linked in any banner or other advertising.


Please join the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) for a webinar discussing recent developments at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and their impacts on worker organizing. NLRB General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo will deliver opening remarks on the significant reforms her office has undertaken. A panel discussion about those reforms and their impact on workplace organizing will follow General Counsel Abruzzo's remarks. The webinar will also discuss a recent EPI report that illustrates the measures the NLRB has taken to support workers' organizing and bargaining rights under the Biden administration.



General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo, National Labor Relations Board

Larry Cohen, Past President of the Communications Workers of America

Cindy Estrada, Strategic Advisor to the President for the Center for Transformational Organizing,

AFL-CIO Worker Organizer (TBD)

Lynn Rhinehart, Senior Fellow, Economic Policy Institute


Moderated by Samantha Sanders, Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy, Economic Policy Institute



Education Department Open Forum "On Our Way"


All Members

Monday, July 8th, 2024


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Unions "101" - Welcome to the BMWED


New Members

Wednesday, July 31st, 2024


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Check regularly for new events!