BMWED Ritual and Parliamentary Motions Guide: Printable PDF

How to Conduct an Effective Union Meeting: Printable PDF

Department of Labor: Conducting Local Union Officer Elections

Railway Labor Act Simplified

OSHA Whistleblower Fact Sheet: Printable PDF

Labor News & Website Resourses:

Labor Films:

Labor Books:

General Labor History 

  • Labor In America, A History- Foster Rhea Dulles and Melvyn Dubofksy (8th ed.)[Harlan Davidson, Inc.]
  • There is Power in Union, the Epic Story of Labor In America– Philip Dray [Anchor Books]   
  • Beaten Down, Worked Up-- The Past, Present and Future of American Labor- Steven Greenhouse [Penguin Random House Books]

Focused Labor History/Commentary

  • We Shall Be All– Melvyn Dubofsky (a history of the IWW and radical labor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) [University of Illinois Press]
  • Rising From the Rails, Pullman Porters and the Making of the Black Middle Class– Larry Tye [Henry Holt & Co.]
  • Shameful Business, the Case for Human Rights In the American Workplace – James A. Gross [Cornell University Press] 
  •  Triangle, The Fire That Changed America– David Von Drehle [Atlantic Monthly Press]


Railroad History

  • Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow–Dee Brown (the story of the western railroads) [Chatto & Windus publishing]
  • Railroaded, The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America–Richard White [Norton Publishing]
  • Chapters of Erie - Charles Francis Adams (development of the eastern railroads and early corporate stock manipulation Commodore Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, Damile Drew, James Fisk etc.)  [Cornell University Press]
  • The Interstate Commerce Commission/Surface Transportation Board As Regulator of Labor’s Rights and Deregulator of Railroads Obligations: The Contrived Collision of the Interstate Commerce Act With the Railway Labor Act, William G. Mahoney (ICC/STB-Judicial  suppression of the RLA) [Transportation Law Journal, University of Denver College of Law]